Humanizing change in the workplace


I work with leaders and leadership teams on transformational change programs, including mergers, technology and organisational transformations, creating and executing effective strategies to enable transparent communication, trust and teamwork and achieve change success for everyone involved.

Change Strategy and Execution

Developing change strategies and step-by-step plans and execute these strategies together with leaders and staff across the organisation.


Facilitate workshops to make the complex simple and one-to-one conversations to understand the change landscape and simplify challenges to make them actionable.


I coach leaders and change practitioners through challenges they face particularly in relation to change and times of uncertainty and help them establish ongoing methods to overcome these challenges permanently.

Benefits You Get

benefit - success fundamentals

Success Fundamentals

Proven key fundamentals/ principles that implement systems into any size organisation more seamlessly and successfully by focussing on the people aspect of introducing a new system in your organisation.

Personalised Approach

The approach we take to helping you achieve your desired outcomes for your system implementation are completely tailored to your unique business and where you are on the journey of implementing the new system(s).

benefit - engaging staff

Actively Engaging All Your Staff

In order to achieve the outcomes for your business that your new system can provide, we need to ensure we bring all your staff along for the ride. We specialise in creating an environment of trust, transparency and collaboration to achieve the success you are after.

benefit - engaging staff

Getting Your Desired Outcome Faster

The approach we take to helping you achieve your desired outcomes for your system implementation are completely tailored to your unique business and where you are on the journey of implementing the new system(s).


Coaching | Facilitation | Strategy and Execution

Unifier, Leadership Coach, Change Specialist, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Mentor and Mama

I believe change doesn’t have to be a constant struggle but should be an opportunity to thrive for everyone involved.

I believe this is possible by creating a work environment united behind a common goal through transparent dialogue, trust through authenticity and compassion and teamwork by cultivating an infinite growth mindset.

We need, now more than ever, to stop the unnecessary struggle, especially as change is constant, complex and an intrinsic part of life now.

We help you unite your people for change success.

I am a result driven professional with over twenty years’ experience supporting executives and middle management to support their staff through complex mergers, as well as high profile business transformation projects including Salesforce, Master Data Management system and Data Governance implementation, a company-wide SAP implementation, several Management System implementations, and Supply Chain Integration projects.

I have worked across a range of different industries in four different countries such as; Aged Care, Financial Services, Airline, Government, Medical Device Sterilisation, Chemical Manufacturing and Tourism.

I have gained extensive experience in what it takes to lead the change as it’s happening, but also ensure the change is embedded and realises the benefits for the organisation. Through experience and continuous learning, I have a track record for supporting executives to create transparency, trust and highly collaborative work environments in which everyone involved can thrive and achieve change success.

What Clients Say about Esther

Esther has worked with the Allied Credit team for nearly a year as we rapidly transitioned via acquisition and organic growth to become one of the largest independent auto financiers in the country. The insight and expertise Esther brings to all aspects of change faced by the people in a company like ours has been instrumental in the success we have achieved. We couldn't have done it without you, Esther!


Jon Moodie
Chief Executive Officer at Allied Credit Group

I have had the pleasure of working with Esther on two occasions in the past 6 months. More recently my organisation engaged Esther to lead a series of Vision workshops with all staff. Esther is a consummate professional and has excellent facilitation skills. She prepared well and was able to facilitate the workshops with participants face to face and online. Balancing time and interactions to ensure all participants were engaged. We achieved great outcomes and Esther continues to help guide the process . I would highly recommend Esther as an excellent Leader of Change.


Tonina Harvey AM
Harvey Consulting Group

Esther has been working with our team for the past 6 months as we transition through a significant organisational change. It’s a given that her professional knowledge and experience in change management is exceptional. What has impressed me most is her ability to listen, understand the range of responses and needs across a broad team and from that to build and constantly adapt a framework of themed interventions that have kept pace with the team’s appetite and engagement levels. Esther is responsive to adapting at short notice, incredibly professional and is a warm, interesting and engaged person to guide any transformational change management program.


Helen Williams
Director, Transport Integrated Systems Capabilities at Transport for NSW

Esther led our change activity for our SALESFORCE implementation at Ahpra. Esther is an outstanding change director highly focused on people and the outcomes sought by the organisation. She went beyond the scope of her role , facilitating Executive strategic workshops and co-ordinating the development of a Change Management model, methodologies and tools for the organisation whilst delivering all the change needs of the Program. I highly recommend Esther as a flexible, and highly committed Change Director


David Watson
Program Manager at AHPRA (Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Agency)

Esther’s expertise and deep experience in change management has been invaluable; and her willingness to share this with others very much appreciated. She leaves our organisation better placed in our change capability after challenging us to do better. Thank you Esther. An asset for any organisation.


Michelle Thomas
Transition Manager at AHPRA (Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Agency)

The change strategy that Esther led was one of the mot successful I have seen. Her passion and commitment to engaging openly and transparently with those involved was very evident. Following Esther's work I do feel that people think more about the impact that their actions may have on others and there is a responsibility to explain things and to always think of a wider circle.


Catherine Miedecke
National Director, Registration at AHPRA (Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Agency)

Esther led the delivery of a change strategy that uplifted an in-flight digital Program. It was Esther’s experience and ability to understand the soul of the program and organisation, change management activities were outcomes focused, which contributed to the success of this program. Working across multiple projects, Esther collaborated with and was a constant support in the management of stakeholders and engagement of staff. The establishment of a change network will be long lasting.


Sam Clausen
National Director, Business Transformation
at AHPRA (Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Agency)

Changeworks held the first of its consultant breakfast series. A key part of the event was our guest speaker Esther De La Cruz. Esther is a delightful and engaging speaker. Her presentation on Change Management versus Change Leadership provided clear thoughts on ‘What matters to those that invest in change’. This was such an interesting topic and the materials and insights truly resonated with our audience of consultants.

Esther provided insights from her personal experience as well as information from her research into the connection between leadership, people’s ability to perform and people’s health explained by our human biology. Thank you, Esther, for sharing your insights. The Changeworks Leadership Team.


Debra Charalambidis
Strategic Change Management Consultant at Changeworks Consulting



By Esther De La Cruz

“The Right Way for Business Leaders To Implement Systems In Their Business Successfully”