Esther De La Cruz - change specialist

After many years’ managing change in large blue-chip organisations, I learned about eight years ago that the success of any change, big or small, is determined by the role the most senior leaders involved play. I also learned that change resistance or change fatigue are not real problems, they’re symptoms of something underlying and better yet, can be prevented.

In those early stages of realising the role of the leader, I wrote a book in which I share four pragmatic steps, which enable leaders to create sustainable change success. The four steps are creating clarity about what is changing, context around why the change is necessary, collaboration through transparent dialogue and control over the risks and issues through transparent reporting and mitigation strategies.

Since then, neuroscience research has come a long way (as well as my understanding of it!) and now enables me to link my expertise and experience of how change is best led in organisations, to fact-based science.

I believe leading staff through change should be an inherent part of leadership and managing and adopting change is the responsibility of everyone in the organisation.

Both leaders and staff need help becoming aware of their role to enable sustainable change success and learn how to embed it into the way they work day-to-day.

As a Change Specialist, with a passion for humanising change in organisations, making the complex simple and empowering leaders at all levels of the organisation to be actively involved in supporting their staff through disruptive change, I:


  • Coach leaders at all levesl of the organisation either 1:1 or 1: many.
  • Facilitate executive leadership workshops to create alignment regarding the context (the why) and strategy on how the change is best implemented.
  • Create change strategies and support the execution by identifying creative ways to create a change success environment based on transparent dialogue, trust between leaders and staff and teamwork across the organisation.



By Esther De La Cruz

“The Right Way for Business Leaders To Implement Systems In Their Business Successfully”

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