Engage Your Staff and Achieve Transformative Success With Esther De La Cruz

by | Sep 23, 2022 | Change Management

Engage Your Staff and Achieve Transformative Success With Esther De La Cruz 

As human beings we suffer from negative bias, which at no fault of our own, can cause us to make incorrect assumptions about things we don’t know enough about, for example during times of change. The uncertainty that comes with change and the lack of information about what the future will look like, will cause us to make negative assumptions to fill in the blanks and those negative assumptions can cause increased stress. If change in the workplace isn’t managed well it can cause employees to lose trust in their employer, become demotivated, disengaged and potentially spread negative assumptions to other employees. If change isn’t leader-led, it can cause significant productivity loss and risk high performing staff to leave.

After over twenty years of executing coaching and management services to Blue-Chip organisations, Esther De La Cruz noticed she had a gift for helping employees navigate uncertainty and helping organisations make the complex simple to enable transparent communication around change, which builds trust. Founding herself as a Change Specialist, she uses positive psychology to assist employees through periods of change so they can realise the intended benefits. Esther does so by focusing on creating an open dialogue around change and developing transparent communications between staff, executives, and company CEOs. With this positive communication, she can then align all employees toward a common goal and help them see how their input and positive teamwork are fundamental and contribute directly to the growth and success of the business.

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