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Connect or control – how do we show up as a partner, parent, family member, friend and as a leader?

I’m a big believer in showing up at work as you would show up at home. However historically we’ve been taught not to bring our full self to work.

There’s an expectation that we put a professional “mask” and uniform on before we enter the office building and act in a way that (we think) is expected of us.

This morning I was listening to a podcast with Glennon Doyle and Brené Brown and I took away a very interesting point…

Do I approach someone from a perspective of CONTROL or from the perspective of CONNECTION and which one would achieve the best outcome?

I immediately recognised how I’ve often approached my husband to do something which will meet my need for a clean and organised home or for being perceived as social and helpful to our friends.

Showing up from a place of control would mean that we have our own personal agenda in front of our minds and we are trying to direct another human being to act in a way that gets us what we want (without considering their needs, capacity or capability at the time).

Showing up from a place of connection would mean that we would share with a person why we care about the outcome we’re trying to achieve and why we need their help, before describing what we need done and ask for their help achieving the outcome.

What is your view on approaching others from the perspective of control versus the perspective of connection to get the right outcome?

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