Convincing others of the benefits of change?

by | Feb 7, 2023 | Change Leadership

Are you trying to convince your peers or team of the benefits of a change, but struggling to get traction?

We all know there’s an art to “sales” and selling is a skill. The same is true for mobilising people behind change they didn’t choose.

If you want change in your company to be successful you will have to ensure everyone involved and impacted by the change understands and is bought into what the change is aiming to achieve.

Your messaging requires:

  • Simplicity making complex jargon filled messaging so simple a perfect stranger can understand what you’re saying
  • Compassion ensuring we acknowledge all the different ways by which this can impact people
  • Courage to be as transparent as possible, including about the uncertainties that both you and your team will have to face into during this change

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