Good vibes are contagious, but so are bad ones

by | Feb 3, 2023 | Empowering Others

In the past I’ve shared the power of a smile and how contagious it is.

Give it a go today and smile at a total stranger you are passing in the street. Make sure you lock eyes and smile at them, possibly for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

I bet you will get a smile back!

I do this quite often actually and I tell myself that it is because I simply like smiling. But I think the secret is, it makes me feel good.

Neuroscience research now proves this point too, smiling releases THREE of the FOUR most common HAPPY CHEMICALS in our body!

The flip side is true too though, giving off good vibes is contagious but giving off bad vibes to people is contagious too!

In a previous post I spoke about Brené Brown‘s insights into shame and how the biggest trigger of shame is feeling irrelevant.

If we make people feel irrelevant, but not showing interest in them or their work, we give them the gift of shame.

Shame can cause anxiety and stress, which results into a reduction in performance, minimises ability to collaborate and to think rationally and even creatively. People who suffer from shame, will also more likely make other people feel shame or negative about themselves.

Giving off bad vibes or simply not giving someone in your team the attention they deserve, will in the end not only impact that person’s health, it will impact your team dynamics and your bottom line results.

Choose to spread good vibes over bad ones, every day.

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