Leadership lessons from Ted Lasso

by | Nov 25, 2022 | Change Leadership

Do you know Ted Lasso?

If you don’t yet, and crave a good laugh, find season 1 and 2 on Apple TV! Season 3 is in the making…!

But what I wanted to share is these awesome leadership lessons we get while having a good belly laugh along the way watching this show…

Leadership is about:

Knowing what game you are in (your purpose)

? Building meaningful relationships, knowing each of your team members well enough to know how you can best support them to thrive

Being curious – having a learning mindset because if we stop learning we stop progressing

? Paying attention to the details (that matter), so you can make informed decisions in the context of what is happening around you

? Making tough calls because that’s what people look to the leader to do, make the tough calls in order to stay on track for our collective goals and purpose

?‍♂️ Apologise – because being humble and human connects you to everyone around you, recognising you made a mistake will make people respect you more and builds trust

Unlock the potential in others – believing in your employees’ and giving them the trust to deliver on what you ask, will make them want to excel and not disappoint you. Humans generally don’t want to disappoint other humans, so they will do whatever it takes to rise to the occasion.

?‍♂️ Hope and optimism – as human beings we suffer from negative bias, which means we make up negative stories in our minds about what can potentially go wrong in our lives as well as negative stories about ourselves and others. As leaders, we should be aware of this and stop ourselves from having negative self-talk as well as help others to think positively about themselves and people around them. Creating an open dialogue for people to validate their assumptions about change in the workplace is a great way to increase optimism, hope and reduce anxiety during times of change

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