“The biggest trigger of shame is the fear of irrelevance” – Brene Brown

by | Jan 24, 2023 | Empowering Others

Today I found a note in my drawer with this sentence on it:

“..the biggest trigger of shame is fear of irrelevance” – Brene Brown

I wrote this on a card at Brene Brown’s conference “Courage is contagious” in 2019.

I resonate with this more today than I did when I first heard it at Brene’s conference in Sydney in 2019.

All of us human-beings crave relevance, we want to be seen for the full person we are and the value we bring to a meaningful cause.

This is linked to neuroscience research, our human physiology makes us crave meaning in our lives (more so than money and status) because we are rewarded with happy chemicals when we do.

We are highly purpose driven creatures, because when we pursue a meaningful cause and we make progress towards that cause, we get rewarded through our bodies.

Progress towards a clear goal FEELS GOOD!

Leaders play a tremendous role in helping their staff understand exactly what they are working towards and how their contribution matters. Leaders not only will increase performance and profit with this focus, but will also improve the wellbeing of the people they lead, which has far reaching benefits into the families and communities they live with and in.

Leaders, please know the importance of your role to make sure your staff feels RELEVANT always.

Ps: I was probably supposed to hand this in, lol!

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