The sky is the limit…or is it?

by | Dec 13, 2022 | Empowering Others

When I am excited for someone’s success, I often say (after congratulating them) “the sky’s the limit”!

As in … you’re going to go from strength to strength from this win and there’s no limit to what’s possible!

But I recently heard this quote on a Podcast:

The sky isn’t the limit. Your mind is.” – Marilyn Monroe

As human beings we make up a lot of stories in our mind about things that can happen to us and about other people and what they might be thinking (of us). These stories are generally negative as our brain is all about protecting us from harm, keeping us “safe”.

However, “safe” in this current world doesn’t mean the same thing as it did a 100 or more years ago…”safe” can also prevent us from growing to reach our full potential.

Assumptions about what others think of us is a key trigger for the infamous imposter syndrome, it diminishes our confidence and with that our ability to thrive.

Let’s stop living in our heads and think that the stories we make up in our minds are our reality…let’s validate our assumptions about ourselves, others and things that can eventuate through conversation and I’m sure we will be able to open our minds to what is possible both at work as well as in our personal lives…

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