Why companies should shift their focus away from change management to resilience?

by | Jan 13, 2023 | Change Management, Resilience

For decades change management has been a highly effective discipline to help transition people in companies from a way of working (A) to a new way of working (B).

When change management practices were first introduced, a linear approach to change was highly effective and a great way to ensure change success.

Our current world presents challenges, including change, which are not linear to say the least. The volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) we’re currently facing, requires a very different approach to managing change, and this shift is required urgently.

From a people perspective, this shift is required because badly managed change impacts people’s
◾ Health and wellbeing
◾ Ability to serve others in a meaningful way
◾ Ability to perform at the best of their abilities
◾ Relationships at work and in their personal lives
◾ Joy and fulfilment at work and in life in general

For companies the impact of badly managed change is well researched and documented and includes significant impacts on:
◾ Staff retention and attraction
◾ Reputation
◾ Ability to meet or exceed expectations of customers and shareholders
◾ Ability to innovate
◾ Longevity

A focus on individual and company-wide adaptability (resilience) is the future for companies to excel during the most unexpected global events or the most well planned transformation programs. Investing in a culture of resilience and teaching your staff to become more resilient as well, will not only serve your company, it will also serve the community you are a part of.

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