Why even the introverts want to be heard

by | Nov 16, 2022 | Change Management

I recently had a conversation with a senior leader about staff engagement and the role Team Meetings play in this. He shared how the daily standups and Team Meetings in some of the business areas were highly effective and there was great collaboration happening.

We explored this a bit more as we were trying to understand why in other areas Team Meetings weren’t having the same effect.

We explored how at the “daily standups” everyone gives an update on their progress and any challenges they face.

In the Team Meetings this doesn’t necessarily happen, some people speak and overall it’s largely the leader chairing the meeting who speaks the most.

We explored the thought that extraverts in Team Meetings are more likely to speak up in these settings and introverts don’t, but are probably happy not to speak up in these meetings (the senior leader concluded).

This is an assumption, which is actually contradicted by our inherent human need to be seen, heard and recognised for the contribution we make.

Us human-beings want to matter and we want to belong. Team Meetings are the perfect place for recognising each and every team member equally for their contributions and making them all feel they belong by being seen and heard and recognised.

Are teams in your organisation struggling with engagement or being able to collaborate optimally, reach out for a chat, I’m here to help!

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