Working-from-home vs working-in-the-office

by | Jun 14, 2022 | Growth Mindset | 0 comments

It’s finally happening … like many we’re finally heading overseas again and not just that, we’re seeing our family and friends again after four long years!

It’s an exciting time as well as anxious time waiting for two more passports…?

So as we were planning the trip I had a conversation with one of my clients about how long I would be away. My client really wanted some support while I was planning to be away, but didn’t want to impose on my holiday either.

I said I can do some work from Europe, would that work for you?

She excitingly replied “oh yes, I don’t care if you work from the moon!”

Many organisations are grappling with the working-from-home versus working-in-the-office conversation.

However I think it’s simply an opportunity to have more meaningful conversations with each other based on “the opening bid of trust” and the desire to really get to know and understand each other.

Being able to be our true self at work will be a game changer for any organisation and it all starts with the opening bid of trust and the desire to really know and understand each other.

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